Doctor Apps – Pulse

Oct 31, 2014

Doctor Apps – Pulse is ready for the general physicians and doctors. If you are interested to get the software for your chamber please call us at our hotline # 01910 500 40001842 199 155 or email us at

Doctor Apps – Pulse is a great product for all the doctors. It is evolved to change your working environment. To help you to serve your patients better.

Doctor Apps is a Software Application for the doctors, using the application you can automate your patient data management, online appointment management, prescription management, Dashboard and reports and so many great things.

You can keep all the history of the previous visits of your patient which will help to better prescribe and serve your esteem patients. This great tool will help you to serve your patients better in smart, efficient and effective way at the same time you will be always keep in the race of the recent technology movements and change in culture.

Key benefits that would draw your interest and attention are:

  • Access Anytime (24/7) from Anywhere through Any Devices
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Data Security and Reliability
  • Work Smartly and Effectively to Serve your Patients Better


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